Some of the interesting features of LuckyCharge.

About Lucky Charge

Lucky Charge is a network of portable power banks in use at restaurants, bars, cafes, that your customers can pick up at any time to charge their smartphones directly at their tables. In addition, we give users access to a social platform loaded with ads, special offers, discounts, events and customized promotions to inform your clients about what’s going on in your venue. Users are offered to watch a short advertising in exchange of a free charge and we believe this is a perfect tool to convert simple visitors into loyal customers!

Our objectives are:

  • Contribute in increasing your clients total spend
  • Increase your brand strength by offering an innovative and useful service
  • Inform your customers on upcoming events
  • Shift excess of inventory with special offers and promotions
  • Advertise products and services of your own choice
For Business owners
For Business owners

If you’re a business owner (restaurant, bar, cafe’ or others) you can join the Lucky Charge Network
and keep your customers informed about your deals, events, promotions anytime.

  • Attract New Customers
  • Engage your audience with digital content
  • Advertise your specials and services
  • Promote your events
  • Know better your customers and transform the new in repeat ones
  • Execute Customer Surveys
For Users
For Users

If you need to charge your phone, you can use the Lucky Charge app to locate the closest business to
your current location. Download the free app and enjoy a free charge anytime you want!

  • Free smartphone charging
  • Keep your smartphone with you all the time
  • Free App download and closest location locator
  • Access exclusive deals and discounts
  • Be informed about events and promotions
  • Win daily prizes
For Advertisers
For Advertisers

If you’d like to promote your brand, product or location to a highly selected list of clients through an innovative service, contact us for a custom quote!

  • Drive qualified consumer demand
  • Create measurable marketplace impact
  • Keep consumers engaged and loyal
  • Cross-promote services and/or locations
  • Fully customizable and geo-targeted video or photo Ads
  • Influence customers at the point-of-purchase


Some of the interesting features of LuckyCharge.

  • 8x Power Banks per kit
  • 5.000mah capacity
  • 2.1A charging speed
  • Compatible with IoS and Android Devices
  • 3-in-1 connector (lightning, mini usb and usb type C)
  • Proprietary charging system
  • Lightweight and beautifully designed
  • Free support from the Lucky Charge team


Some of the interesting features of LuckyCharge.

Soon available on:

  • Free App download
  • Available in IoS and Android versions
  • Easy login with email, Facebook or Google account
  • Search for Lucky Charge enabled premises and get directions
  • Filter Lucky Charge locations by distance and tipology
  • Get access to special offers, events, deals and media content loaded by the Service Provider
  • Display Battery charge percentage




Do my clients need assistance in using the Lucky Charge Service?

Not often as all the necessary steps are comprehensively explained on clients’ smartphones. When a client doesn’t have the app installed when he plugs the cable in a pop up message will suggest to download it. On the other side, if the app is installed, plugging the cable in will automatically open the Lucky Charge App.

How can I upload the contents on the Lucky Charge App?

Uploading contents on the Lucky Charge App is quick and easy. You can use your dedicated version of the App or access the online Lucky Charge dashboard from an internet browser

How much the Lucky Charge Service will cost?

Lucky Charge is available to venues at a small monthly fee. The monthly fees can be combined in an yearly subscription allowing you to save

Is it possible to sell ad space to third party advertisers?

Yes it is and we will work 24/7 to offer as many third party advertisers as possible. As soon as we have other brands willing to advertise to your clients we will decrease your monthly fee accordingly. Of course we will never ask you to advertise your competition to your clients.

What devices is Lucky Charge compatible with?

The Lucky Charger app is compatible with IoS and ANdroid devices meanwhile the cable has 3 different types of connectors, lightning for Apple devices, mini-USB and USB type-C for Android devices.

What if I don’t support the advertiser playing content in our devices?

No problem about that. You will always be the one approving or denying the presence of a specific advertiser among the Lucky Charge contents displayed to your clients.

What if I have technical problems with the Lucky Charge kits?

Lucky Charge team will assist you 24/7 with any type of problems occurring with our devices and we will substitute any malfunctioning ones as soon as possible.

What kind of contents can I upload on the Lucky Charge App?

You can decide to upload pictures or videos directly from your smartphone and create engaging “stories” to inform your clients about current promotions, deals, events, etc… All the contents will be visible inside the app meanwhile the clients are using the charging service provided by Lucky Charge.

Will Lucky Charge Power Banks work without the proprietary Charging Station?

No. In order to prevent theft, Lucky Charge Power Banks aren’t compatible with any other outlets and can only be charged at the charging station


How can I install the Lucky Charge App? Do I need to pay for downloading it?

You can simply download the Lucky Charge App from either the App Store (for Apple devices) or Google Play (for Android devices). The App is completely free of charge.

How much do I have to pay to use a Lucky Charge Power Bank?

Nothing, zero, nada. Lucky Charge is free for all the users seeking for some extra juice for their smartphone’s batteries. All you have to do is download our free application and be ready to enjoy a free charging session.

Is Lucky Charge compatible with my smartphone?

Lucky Charge App is available in both IoS and Android versions meanwhile the power banks’ cable connectors are the following: Lightning, mini-Usb and Usb type-C.

What kind of contents can I access to through the Lucky Charge App?

Beside the free charging session you can be informed about the latest promotions, deals and events advertised by the venue. Moreover, you can browse special contents loaded on the Lucky Charge App which are not accessible when you are not connected to a Lucky Charger.


I am a third-party advertiser, how much advertising on the Lucky Charge platform will cost?

Contact us for a custom quotation based on your needs!!!


580Batteries recharged
470Lucky Charge Venues
360Ads displayed
300App Download

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